How is it made?

How TherMight Technology is Made

TherMight is a true composite material. We take a traditional high-strength fiber, pull every strand apart inside our custom patented machine, then impregnate each of these strands with any type of thermoplastic resin. When these strands are re-united under heat, it forms a single homogenous structure once cooled. 

What is Thermight?

Properties of Traditional Materials VS TherMight Technology

Since the matrix resin is a thermoplastic, it allows for re-formability. Due to their thermoplastic nature, these impregnated filaments can be fused to themselves with 140°F of heat.

How does it work?

Dry Coating VS Impregnation

TherMight is not simply a coating technology. It is a patented impregnation process of each individual dry fiber strand, unlocking a new level of strength and versatility.

The mi-brand

successful kickstarter

Our company wanted to give everyone the ability to use TherMight Technology™. We did so by launching our consumer brand through a successful Kickstarter campaign in December 2022. Mi-Cord was the first in a family of Mi-Brand products already in development.

how to use

How to use a TherMight based product:
Simply heat, press, and once cooled, the plastic hardens
to create a bond as strong as steel.

ways to bond

There is no need for: glue or adhesives, setting aside time to cure or bake, extra hardware such as fasteners, excessive heat, or any surface preparation. Purchase a Mi-Brand product & try it out for yourself!

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