Commercial Applications

With an entirely new class of manufacturing material, TherMight Technology™ allows a company to completely reimagine the way they make things. Whether that’s directly through more cost-effective material, or dramatically reducing the time it takes to manufacture the same part – GBS Tech is saving companies money each day.

In addition to the work we’re doing with The Mi-Brand for consumer products, GBS Tech also works with multiple commercial customers in the background to fulfill various development and manufacturing contracts

what’s the
customer’s idea?

TherMight Technology™  may help bring a customer’s complex product idea to life.

Team of
Technical Experts

The customer works with the technical experts on our team via development agreements.

Capital level Production

Once the product has been perfected, it moves to production where GBS Tech either supplies their specific TherMight material, or the capital equipment required for that customer to produce TherMight material on their own.

Industries We Serve

Commercial industries we are currently serving 

oil & gas


Utility Services

Safety Product



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