Our new TherMight Technology has endless applications, something only recognized when you tangibly see and feel its characteristics for the first time. We wanted to give everyone the ability to use TherMight Technology, so in November 2022, we introduced our first consumer product through Kickstarter.

What is The Mi-Brand?

The Mi-Brand will be a family of consumer products all built from TherMight Technology. Behind the scenes, GBS Tech is fulfilling rigorous development work for a number of commercial customers. There’s a lot of innovation happening in these projects we do not wish to keep secret. By taking everything we learn through the research of these commercial projects, we take what we can to the everyday consumer through various TherMight-based products we call the Mi-Brand.

Thermal in nature.
Mighty in strength & toughness

Our Mighty family will be your one-stop shop to leverage all the benefits that thermoplastics bring to the everyday user.


One of the key elements of Mi-Brand products is the lightweight strength obtained through the TherMight process.


The Mi-Brand products do not retain water or freeze. The weather-resistant properties give our products up to a 10x longer lifespan.


Economical in comparison to traditional fiber and plastics. TherMight Technology resists corrosion and fraying, resulting in cost savings over time.

Our Successful
Mi-Cord Kickstarter

Nov. – Dec. 2022

On Black Friday in 2022, we launched a Kickstarter campaign to debut the first consumer product in the Mi-Brand family, Mi-Cord. The world’s first true composite cord was fully funded by the end of the campaign on December 24, 2022 – officially launching the Mi-Brand family. Click below to explore the Kickstarter Campaign.

Buy Mi-Cord Today!

Ready to try Mi-Cord or Mi-Cord GLO? Pick up a package anytime through our online store.

What’s Next
for the Mi-Brand

Mi-Cord is the first in a lineup of Mi-Brand products that are already in development. These products will all share the same unique characteristics as Mi-Cord thanks to TherMight Technology. Best used in the DIY home improvement, sporting, camping, marine, and other retail markets, keep your eye out in 2023 for the release of additional Mi-Brand products soon to come!

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