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About GBS Tech

GBS Tech is the exclusive holder of TherMight Technology, responsible for its commercialization globally. Initially created by a local polymer chemist, GBS Tech still works closely with the inventor to continue TherMight’s expansion through research & development.  

TherMight is not just
one particular product…

…but rather a thermoplastic composite
material that can be used to replace and improve hundreds of traditionally made products. GBS Tech is the creator of a patented specialty machine which produces this TherMight Technology in many different forms. GBS Tech supplies this material to customers one of 2 ways:

1. By running the customer specified material on our machines & supplying it to them
2. Or, by delivering our specialty production machines directly to an end user under a license agreement, allowing them to produce the material themselves

Our Leadership Team

Jeff Gothrup

Jeff Gothrup


At the age of 10, Jeff began working with his father in the machine shop. Since he opened his own shop in 1995, Jeff’s company has excelled with countless machining projects, with an emphasis in designing and building molds & dies. Jeff’s 40+ years of experience in manufacturing allows GBS Tech to make swift and confident decisions that bring multiple products to life.

Justin Bentsen

Justin Bentsen


After learning to fly in eighth grade and while still in high school, Justin started an aviation camera company that still successfully operates today. Then in college, he and three business partners started Interactive Aerial, an inspection robotics manufacturing company acquired in early 2022. At GBS Tech, Justin leads our machine design & development.

Christian Smith

Christian Smith


As another Interactive Aerial founder, Christian served as the company’s President, overseeing sales, marketing, & day-to-day company operations. Christian was responsible for millions of dollars in robotics systems sales on a global basis. He studied aviation business at the University of North Dakota where he became a commercial pilot and certified flight instructor.


GBS Tech is rapidly commercializing TherMight Technology, the next class of manufacturing material, by providing machinery or the thermoplastic input to companies and consumers around the world. 

Upcycle & recycle

A key initiative for GBS Tech is moving from single-use plastic to reusable products. For instance, our Mi-Cord GLO eliminates the need for one-time use glow sticks. We’re also partnering with companies that remove plastic from our oceans & will integrate their up-cycled plastic into our products.

Global Impact

GBS Tech is a global startup with products already shipping to 18 different countries. With sights set on commercializing TherMight technology worldwide, GBS is already well on its way to achieving that goal. We aim to replace steel with our new composite material in as many areas as possible.

Save Companies Money

By enabling an entirely new class of manufacturing material, TherMight Technology allows a company to completely reimagine the way they make things. Whether that’s directly through more cost-effective materials or dramatically reducing the time it takes to manufacture the same part – GBS Tech is saving companies money each day.


Our vision is to give every traditional manufacturing material the chance to be replaced by TherMight Technology. 

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