Advancing thermoplastics through TherMight Technology

What We Do

GBS Tech is a new startup specializing in two areas

1)   Commercializing a new type of thermoplastic material we call TherMight Technology

2)   Developing & building the capital equipment it takes to produce TherMight Technology on a large scale.

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Who we are

We are a small Michigan team that comes from two unique backgrounds – automated robotic inspection systems and precision manufacturing/machining. The last puzzle piece is a veteran of the thermoplastics industry with 40+ years of experience. We work closely alongside him to deliver on multiple commercial contracts and consumer products using TherMight.

Who we are

Thermight technology

TherMight is not a single product, but rather a new material that can be used in countless products. Learn more about this high-strength, lightweight thermoplastic material on our TherMight Technology page.